About Time.

We're launching our new app (almost!)


We are super close to launching our new Hey Mind iOS app.

It's about time.

We've completely redesigned the app, and you can now chat with philosophers natively. This means it works much better than in a browser; your chat history is saved, and you can easily start a conversation while you are writing your own thoughts.

One button to access Mind AI from journal mode

Our goal is to create the perfect mirror for the mind, which means providing the right tools specifically designed for your environment and context.

I love these new features because, while exploring my own thoughts, I can easily tap into the philosophical world and chat with one of the philosophers who might inspire me to think about certain things in a new way.

One of my favourite 'philosophers' is Jed McKenna; he shares some profound insights on time, suggesting that we are constantly distracting ourselves from the end, death denial, as he frames it;

"So one, death is not for a long time and we'll probably be too senile to care; two, it's not an end like it seems, it's just a transition to something else; and three, we keep ourselves perpetually distracted. Between these three denial tactics, death is not an important presence in our lives. It's with us every moment, but never in front of us where we have to look at it and think about it. This is how we keep death out of sight, behind us instead of in front of us.

This is how we maintain the state of death-denial chat allows us to go about our lives in a state of virtual unconsciousness.” (Jed McKenna)

Well, hard to ignore this fact with your new mind.


See ya next week,

(Founder Hey Mind)