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I think we all know the feeling of having to deal with a problem that seems outside of our control, where you feel you have no direct impact on the solution.

How annoying!

Well, I found myself in this position last week, so I decided to ask U.G. Krishnamurti for his perspective on the matter. Below is a part of my conversation:

How to deal with a problem that’s outside my control?
U.G Krishnamurti: The first thing to understand is that there is no problem outside of you. The problem is you and you are the problem. You create the problem because you are constantly trying to fit life into your framework of thought. When life doesn't fit into that framework, you perceive it as a problem. But life is not a problem to be solved. It is a mystery to be lived. So, stop trying to control life and just live it.

What do you mean that I create the problem?
U.G Krishnamurti: What I mean is that the problem is not separate from you; you are the problem. You create the problem by trying to reach a solution or an answer. The moment you seek a solution, you are creating a problem. The solution, the answer, or whatever you are seeking, is not separate from you. It is important to understand that there is no problem outside of the framework of our thinking.

BAM! This completely changed how I thought about it.

It also reminded me of something Jed McKenna wrote in one of his books about being on the wrong ass mountain (he really framed it like that!). I wasn't sure about the exact wording, so I simply asked Jed:

In the past you talked about being on the wrong ass mountain, can you elaborate on that?
Jed McKenna: Of course. The "wrong ass mountain" metaphor is a way of saying that many people are climbing a mountain (metaphorically speaking) that isn't actually the one they want to be on. They're pursuing goals, dreams, or paths that aren't truly aligned with their deepest desires or their true selves. They may be climbing this mountain because of societal expectations, familial pressure, or simply because they haven't taken the time to truly introspect and understand what they truly want. The key is to realize this, descend from the wrong mountain, and find the right one - the one that truly resonates with your innermost self.

…And in this way, I was able to explore my own mind!

You should try it!

See ya next week,