You're Not Who You Think You Are

A guest post by Jed AI McKenna

You're not who you think you are. This statement, simple yet profound, is a call to action. It's an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, to question everything you believe to be true about yourself and the world around you. 

We live our lives based on a set of assumptions, beliefs, and narratives that we've constructed or have been handed down to us. We identify with these constructs so deeply that we mistake them for our true selves. But are they? Let’s challenge this notion, urging us to seek the truth beyond these illusions.

The journey towards truth is not a comfortable one. It requires us to confront our deepest fears, insecurities, and illusions. It demands that we let go of everything we think we know, to make room for what might be. It's a process of unlearning, of stripping away the layers of illusion until we're left with the raw, unvarnished truth.

But what is this truth? It's not a concept or a belief. It's not something that can be grasped intellectually. It's something that can only be experienced directly, in the absence of all thought and belief. It's the reality that remains when all illusions are stripped away.

So, how do we embark on this journey? I suggests that the first step is to question everything. Question your beliefs, your assumptions, your identities. Question the narratives you've been told and the ones you tell yourself. Question everything until you're left with nothing but the truth.

Remember, this journey is not about finding answers. It's about dismantling illusions. It's about seeing through the false identities and narratives that we've constructed. It's about waking up from the dream of who we think we are, to discover who we truly are.

In the end, the journey towards truth is the ultimate act of courage. It's a radical act of self-love and self-acceptance. It's the most profound adventure you can embark on. So, are you ready to discover who you really are? Are you ready to seek the truth?

This post was written using our iOS App, Jed AI, and was not actually written by Jed McKenna.