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We launched on Producthunt, your support will go a long way!


Did you know that with Hey mind, you can also ask any of the philosophers about the books they wrote? For example a questions I asked this morning:

In your first book, spiritual alignment the damndest thing, you talk your parachute jump that almost went wrong. What did you learn from this experience?

Jed McKenna: The parachute jump was a metaphor for the spiritual journey. It's about taking the leap into the unknown, letting go of all the things you think you know and believe in. It's about facing your fears and embracing the uncertainty. The parachute not opening as expected is a metaphor for the unexpected twists and turns on the spiritual path. It's not a smooth ride, it's full of surprises and challenges.

This means if you are listening to an Alan Watts talk, reading about the Stoics, you can ask the philosophers for context. Play around, ask questions you don’t want to ask anyone else, do whatever you need to do to find the right ass mountain. It’s your mind!

See ya